Friday, April 5, 2013

First Quarter Reflections

Well, the first quarter of this new adventure is in the books.  All in all, it has been an enjoyable ride.  There is something very soul cleansing about starting over, leaving something that was comfortable and trying something new.  So far, I can't complain.  There have been rough spots, probably due in large part to the tough economic times and my lack of a self-promotion gene.  But I truly believe doing something for the right reasons will make it all work out.  I am not in this to get rich or to take advantage of anyone.  I would like to make a good living while being a much nicer person to be around. Hopefully, I am accomplishing that.

Interesting times have included blowing breakers, demonic possession of the fax machine, falling pictures and styrofoam snowstorms.  Glass end tables are not supposed to rattle when delivered.  Mini-me has shown me that you CAN use an office chair as a luge.  Wilbert has demonstrated that iPads are more easily read under a desk.  Lin has the "Matweld-is-out-of-business-and-now-their-phone-number-is-our-fax" spiel down so well she says it in her sleep.  The occasional call meant for the police station is always funny (their number is one off from ours).  

I knew I didn't like taxes, and now I like them even less.  And the post office is down to one person at the window, which is really bad considering all the people who want passports.  Should I consider  But other than that, complaints are few and fun is plenty.  Let's see how the second quarter compares....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sometimes, it's the little things that mean the most.  Life with a little kid in the house is always interesting, entertaining and all too fleeting.  Take my little munchkin, for instance.  We go on a big "girls day out" shopping trip with Grammy to Nashville.  We go into Sephora and she describes a cleanser as smelling like "bananas and rotten lemons."  Thank goodness the fellow helping us was amused, not offended.

Later, she wants to know if she can have a stuffed lamb to go with the 1500 other stuffed animals she already has.  My head says "no" but when she flashes that "Ralphie asking for the bb gun toothy grin", I can't help but give in.  It made her so happy it was worth it.

What can I say? The kid likes to shop.  Even in a yarn store.  Haus of Yarn was wonderful, like a candy store for knitters.  Munchkin was in charge of filling the bag as I picked things out.  And fill we did.  Lots of projects.  Lots of fun.  She even picked out two yarns for her teachers' end-of-school-year presents (they are getting scarves).  Of course, being her momma's girl, she didn't pick out anything cheap (inexpensive).  We went for the fancy, sparkly, mixed-fiber good stuff.  I actually didn't mind...I can't wait to try it out.

Chocolate milk at Starbucks.  Bowtie Alfredo at Cheesecake Factory.  Doritos at the Tennessee state line rest stop.  Stuffed sheep from Brooks Brothers.  Little things that you will remember for a long time.  Teach them you don't always get a toy when we go shopping, but sometimes, on special trips, you do.  I may be sleeping with that sheep when she's off at camp, or college someday.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Football ends...and begins

Well, the Superbowl is over and what a game!  I can't complain because my second-favorite team won #Ravens.  The Titans are numero uno but as long as they have horrible ownership, I don't think we will have to worry about much postseason excitement.  I thought it was a goner after the windmills quit turning  and the lights went off.  I was glad to see some great offense by the Ravens.  Joe Flacco to get paid big time- talk about great timing.  He deserves it.  Quieted all the critics (or at least they should now be quiet).  And Anquan Bouldin was just amazing (even though my husband can't pronounce "Anquan").  So we wrap up another season...and look forward to the next.

My daughter fussed because she thought "that was the last game"- I had to explain that we have basketball season (go Cats!) and she was not impressed.  Is this my kid????  

It looks like UKCoachStoops is killing it on the recruiting trail.  I am so excited about this new phase.  Nothing against basketball (are you kidding?) but I love football so much that it pains me terribly when UK stinks.  So this should be looks like players WANT to come to UK.  That is the key and that's why Coach Stoops is awesome without even stepping on the field yet.

Let's go get some more 4-star recruits and bring the Air Raid II back to Commonwealth.  Until next time....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New beginnings

New year, new adventures. A new office of my own. Taking the plunge and praying it will be successful. So far going better than expected. Join me for the ride.